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About Lundsten & Partners

Lundsten+Partners was founded and established in 2009 by Frode Lundsten with the mission “to help niche companies and startups to growth”. Since, the partner team has been expanded and the strategic focus expanded to medium sized companies, but the approach is the same: Trust as the team driver, simplicity as the key factor, and a pragmatic approach as the clear path to success. No clients are the same, why we adapt our methods and tools to the specific assignment, organisation or situation. And our toolbox is comprehensive.

Our core competences are:

  • Capital structuring: fundraising, capitalization, investor search
  • Strategy development: growth strategy, turnaround or exit strategy
  • Businesses modelling: traditional , digital or hybrid business models
  • Sales management: strategic sales, product portfolio, partnering strategy or pricing model
  • Organisation development: strategy execution, organisation culture or company merger 

Our fee is aligned with success

We typically work with a fee structure, aligned with agreed KPIs: a monthly retainer fee plus a result based remuneration. You will experience that a collaboration with Lundsten & Partners is a partnership with a common goal: to create growth and shareholder value.

The typical role

  • Member of the Board or Management
  • Interim at the Management level
  • Trusted advisor to the Board, owner or investor

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