Are you as focused on the top line, as we are

Lundsten+Partners is a Danish management consultancy that is specialized in the strategic development of a company, taking it from one level to the next.

Our philosophy is that change is inevitable, growth is intentional.

We focus on revitalizing the company’s strategy and business model, on strengthening the capital structure, and on increasing the competitiveness of the company’s market offerings - its products and services. We create growth in the top line and results on the bottom line through making the organisation more efficient and it's offerings more relevant to the market place.

Some calls this Blue Ocean Strategy. We call it Strategic business development.

Assignments typically fall within one of our three consultancy areas:

  • Growth Strategy - to start a new company from the founder's idea, develop a new business model or execute a company turnaround
  • Sales Development - to identify barriers for growth, revitalize top line growth or execute a new go-to-market model
  • Fundraising - to streamline the balance sheet, develop an investor pitch or secure the funding prior to a major investment.

Lundsten+Partners will help the shareholders, the company’s board and it's management to create growth and momentum through a process, where the company will be challenged in terms of its ability to create value to the shareholders, to develop competitive advantages, and to plan for the future.

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