Can you see your efforts on the bottom line


Pragmatic approach

To develop strategies and make strategic plans is an important process, but without courage, decisiveness and execution even the best plans when sitting on the shelf become worthless. This is why a collaboration with Lundsten+Partners ApS is like partnering with a common goal: Growth!

Our approach is pragmatic and gets adapted to the unique situation or company culture. We offer to become part of the company, and will not hesitate to accept a formal budget or management responsibility.


Our clients

Our clients are companies, which have a technological advanced product or service that compete in a highly complex market. The characteristic of them all is their ambition and belief that one creates one’s own opportunities.

The company can be family-owned, looking to build strategic capabilities or to prepare hand-over to the next generation. Or the mid-sized company in search of strategic growth through acquiring or merging with another company. Or the startup, where the business idea has been market validated and the founders or investors now look to mature the product or services or to develop a market execution plan.


ThReE STrenghts

Lundsten+Partners ApS is built upon three core strengths:

  • Insight in developing a company or a organisation from one level to the next
  • Experience in strategic business development and building competitiveness
  • Network internationally to funding and business partners

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