Harvard Business Review published an article this week on HBR.org about platform business models, which made us discuss internally if the questions raised in the article could apply to Denmark and Europe. The author, Charlie Brown from Context Partners, argue that three questions need to be addressed, when designing a platform business model:

  1. Which relationships enable business success?
  2. Which bigger-than-business goals do you hold in common with the network?
  3. How can you increase trust between your organization and the network?

The short answer is yes, but more from the perspective of the consequences the questions raise to the predominant mental models, the rigidness of applying ols frameworks to new business models or the focus of the strategic discussion in the Board room.

If you agree with the author that the currency of platform business models is trust then these three questions will focus the strategic discussion to address just that. And for that reason (alone) more than anything else, we agree that the questions do apply to Denmark and Europe.