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Established in 2009

Lundsten+Partners ApS is a European Strategy & Change consultancy that since 2009 has small to medium sized companies to create growth through change and to enable senior management to create shareholder value.

Strategy alignment | Organisational change | Business Development | Fundraising.

Our philosophy is that change is inevitable, growth is intentional.

We focus on revitalizing the company’s strategy and business model, on increasing the competitiveness of the company’s product-market fit and on strengthening the capital structure. We create growth in the top line and results on the bottom line through making the organisation more efficient and it's offerings more relevant to the market.


Trusted advisor to senior management

We typically do assignments within one of four areas:

  • Growth Strategy - to revitalise growth through strategic realignment either through a new business model, better cost structure or a turnaround
  • Business Development - to identify barriers for growth either through a new go-to-market model, improved competitiveness or an incentive model
  • Portfolio Management - to streamline the company's portfolio of strategic projects either through a new product development process, better market offerings or a new portfolio management structure.
  • Trusted advisor - to act as a sparing partner to senior management in strict confidence where ideas are bounced back and forth and strategic scenarios are formulated to stress test current strategy 

Lundsten+Partners ApS will help the company's shareholders, it's board and senior management to create growth and momentum through a process, where we will challenge the organisation in terms of its ability to create value to the shareholders, to develop competitive advantages, and to plan for the future.

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